In 2008 seeking further development; we became a member firm of Russell Bedford International Advisory Network . Allowing us to further serve our clients beyond the borders of Egypt . “ Taking you to where you want to go”

Providing expertise and experience, around the world

At Russell Bedford International, we specialize in helping companies meet the challenges that international business expansion presents. Since 1983, our worldwide network of accountancy firms has provided financial expertise and business consultancy to companies within many different markets and industries.

Business without boundaries

The commercial expertise we offer is complemented by a thorough understanding of the local business environment. A process such as registering a new company may, for instance, be perfectly straightforward in one country, but complex and time consuming in another. This combination of the technical and the practical enables Russell Bedford International to help businesses move smoothly and successfully into the global marketplace.

With member firms operating all over the world, the service we offer is truly global. But there’s more to it than geography. Our members are well-established with excellent reputations, and you can be confident of exceptionally high professional standards across the world. They are also well placed to arrange introductions to other professionals whose skills and resources are complementary, such as lawyers or bankers.

 Giving you the global edge

  •  Access to worldwide network of firms with a wealth of practical commercial experience
  • Access to experts with the right skills, in the right place
  • Professional, personal service based on strong and established relationships
  • An understanding of the big picture and detailed local knowledge
  • Rapid exchange of information
  • Wide range of business sector experience
  • Prompt, quality service.

Our latest News

We are currently seeking an affiliation with a local firm in Libya and Qatar to act as our correspondent. If Interested contact us